The PGC program is based on The Levermore Model  – comprised of strategy and support.  This model incorporates the best of psychologically researched anxiety reduction techniques, impression management and organization and planning. The skills are taught in a hands on, dynamic manner allowing the college bound student to present themselves in the best possible light to the colleges of their choice.

The Academic Year Program

Nine (2 hour) semi-private consulting sessions led by Experts in the field (held one Saturday per month during the school year) will impart specific skill sets to prospective college applicants. … (MORE)

The Summer Intensive

This program is designed to deliver the PGCC year long offerings  in a week long summer intensive with 5 days of 2 modules per day.  Each module is two hours long… (MORE)


The Pending Collegian

Surviving and Thriving in the first semester of college. These modules are focused on preparing the pending collegian for success during the first semester of college and helping them to navigate the transition from high school to college… (MORE)


Specialized Consulting

These programs are personalized for the individual who is making a transition from community college to undergraduate programs; transferring from one college to another;… (MORE)


Both parent and student focused consulting sessions will fully prepare prospective applicants to navigate the process, reduce anxiety and  allow the student to put their best effort into the competitive arena


All consulting modules are designed to build upon one another to provide a complete and comprehensive experience in navigating the process of college admissions.